Revealing the Diverse Culture of US

Revealing the Diverse Culture of US
Every country has its own culture due to which there is cultural diversity. People consider culture as their identity. That’s why they never ignore their culture instead they remain stick to their culture throughout their life. People never forget their traditions and values. The basic reason behind this concept is that all the cultures have contributed to American history.


The country which has flourished a lot on diversity is The United States of America. There is variety of people living in America. They belong to different homelands, religions and races. All of them call themselves as an American. No one is less American of more American. There is a mixture of culture in United States and everyone seems pound to their culture. At the same time they are happy to call themselves as an American citizen.
The people of America are big hearted. They have acknowledged each other. They give each other proper respect. If you ask them about cultural diversity they will answer you in a way which will show that they have warm and caring heart and despite of being of associated with different culture they we enjoy same things like independence, security, happiness and some kind of equality. No matter if it is physical, emotional or spiritual.

People cheer on the National Mall during the ceremonial swearing-in ceremonies on the West front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington
This diversity in America inspects the rich traditions of America. Every culture has played a significance role in understanding the American history, American culture and what is America today. Including Asia, Europe, Latin America almost 128 articles where written that defines their contribution to American way of life. This diversity in America represents the culture and traditions of America. It also shows how people of different cultures, religions, and nationalities struggle to unite the American society. Moreover it makes the power, faith and honesty of various leaders and philosophers of America prominent.
These diversities make America what it is today. Without these people who belong to different countries, culture, races and religions American nation could not progress. All these people share their customs and norms with each other. America gives quality and freedom to all of them. America is like a platform which has diversity and where all these culture live with each other peacefully sharing everything to each other. They all create a nation.

If each individual realizes the contribution of different cultures in making America a great nation then people will become more united, they will have same goals. And they become more faithful to their country. They will feel proud to say that they are American citizens.


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